Why Buy Local?

There are numerous reasons why buying local vegetables is growing in popularity…

– Locally grown food is full of flavour. Crops are planted and harvested during the peak of each food’s season. Taste is maintained where food is picked within 24 hours of purchase ensuring that nutrient value has no time to decrease. –  In season strawberries always seem to taste sweeter.

– Local foods promote a safer food supply. The fewer steps between you and your food’s source minimises risk of contamination. Compare buying food directly from your local farm to a chain including harvesting, packaging, shipping, distribution, customs checks etc.

– Local food benefits the environment. Purchasing locally grown food helps maintain farmland and green belt areas in your local community. Transportation of food is entirely local creating a significantly lower carbon footprint than nationwide and international distributors. – Spain and Netherlands exported over $3 billion worth of tomatoes in 2019 and 80% of fresh tomatoes consumed in the UK (400,000 tonnes) are imported.

– Local food supports the local economy. The money that is spent with local farmers is all reinvested close to home in businesses and services within your local community. – An increasing number of local restaurants are buying local vegetables and of course locals tend to eat out locally (including farmers!).

– Local growers can tell you exactly how the food was grown and more liberated  growers will actively invite their customers to attend, observe and sometimes participate in the growing process. – In a post Covid world The Essex Allotment plans to  host schools, corporate days in addition to its current volunteer scheme providing a hands on experience for many.

Food for thought?

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