Week on the farm… #8

Another productive week on the farm – here are the highlights:-

Photo by Lucy Lawson Photography

Installation of equipment for the shed; white board to help with planning and “to do” lists (some of my earlier corporate life refuses to leave). More importantly, stove and kettle for those hot drinks as autumn/winter isn’t too far away!Need to equip myself with cups, coffee etc otherwise the enthusiastic volunteers will begin to question my hospitality skills..!

Exciting week as planting gets underway. A full bed of 390 lettuce plugs are safely in the ground. Over 150 multi-sown radish plugs also planted. Thanks again to my thirsty volunteers who once again did a great job.

Kale is ready to plant once my insect netting arrives – need protection from birds and butterflies. They may be pretty but boy they cause havoc with kale.

This week’s surprise heatwave means watering at both ends of the day, so glad I got that water meter fitted.

Garlic, garlic and more garlic. Early October will see the planting of 2000 garlic cloves. Four varieties to cater for differing needs and tastes – one of the great successes in this year’s veg box service.

Tune in to my latest youTube vlog to hear more about garlic…and more….and more!

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This is starting to feel like the real deal, the beginning of planting on a commercial scale. So good to see crops in the ground after the infrastructure work – exciting stuff.!

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