Week on the farm… #9

A game of two halves this week; water, water, water followed by kale, kale, kale.

September temperatures at the beginning of this week continued to match summer season highs. Keeping my lettuce alive was my priority at the beginning of the week. Although I have no structured irrigation system (yet), the young lettuces are doing well thanks to twice daily hand watering (hosepipe).

The second half of the week absolutely dominated by kale planting and kale protection. I have planted three varieties of kale; Red Russian, Cavolo Nero and the mysteriously titled KX1. A total of 240 plugs covering the three varieties providing choice when it comes to mealtime use.

Confused about kale? You will be if you log in to my YouTube vlog where I discuss the different varieties and demonstrate my planting strategy with stunning mental arithmetic..!!

Tap here to watch!

Kale protection in the form of a 16m mesh netting fitted over my blue tubes along the length of the bed – really pleased with the quality and end result. Very fine mesh used which allows water in whilst keeping the bugs and pests out. No volunteers this week (have to get that tea/coffee!).

Next week – more planting and the set up of my vegetable washing station. Parts have arrived this week so check in next week as my legendary DIY skills are exposed once more.

Alex – The Essex Allotment

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