Week on the farm… #11

Great weather this week (for ducks)!

Rain, rain and more rain has disrupted some of my plans for this week eg delayed my garlic planting, however, the farm blocks have held up really well and are looking good.

Autumn presents an opportunity to create leaf mulch – my parents are also quite happy that I’ve removed bags of leaves from their garden. I now have a pretty full container of mulch which will break down nicely over the weeks ahead – ready to use within my onion sets later. One tip to accelerate the break down process – go over the leaves with your lawnmower.

Who was it who said we never stop learning? They were right. This week I have discovered a ‘cut worm’ problem in block A – the pests have nibbled through some stems of my lettuce. Luckily, I have some replacement lettuce available and a big thank you to my Instagram friends who have suggested how I might tackle the cut worm issue.

Not all bad news, this is why I wanted to get some food in the ground this winter – better to learn now what challenges I have within the farm ground than get a nasty surprise in the spring when I’m growing against commercial demand.

On the other side of the coin, I got really excited this week as I harvested my first small crop of radish – looking great. I was so excited that I began harvesting a little beetroot too – only to discover I was a little premature. Who said that we never stop learning……?

That’s all for this week but please follow my weekly blog on YouTube – see if you can get excited by radish too..!!

Tap here to watch...
Tap here to watch…

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