Week on the farm… #12

A really productive week as breaks in the wet weather allowed me to attack my ‘to do’ list.

Block A – I planted 150 broad bean seeds (duet). I have selected two types (Duet and Scorpio) as both are heavy croppers with the latter coming in tight bunches making harvesting easier. I have to remain focused on productivity in everything that I do here at the farm.Another lesson learned – whilst needing 300 Duet seeds, I actually ordered 10,000 (oh dear). Not too painful though at only £8 per 10,000.

Block B – oh deer!

Thanks to the help from my volunteers (Felicity and Karen) I have now moved the fence to the top of block B leaving the entirety of blocks A and B with fence protection. This is good timing as I have seen lots of deer hoof prints in the unprotected block B recently. Block B was totally weeded and I can now crack on with planting field beans throughout block B adding valuable nutrients to the soil.

The Red Russian Kale under my low covering is doing really well, had to reinforce the covering this week in the battle against recent strong winds – another successful job done though!

On the business side I’ve made steady progress, a total of four drop off points have been confirmed for next season’s vegetable box scheme allowing me to service a wider Essex community.

The website is slowly building as additional content is added.

Really excited to confirm that this week’s vegetable boxes will contain radish produced at the farm – my first commercial crop.

See my latest YouTube vlog to see radish, kale in the flesh along with more future planning. After completing blocks A and B I need to quickly come up with names for the next two blocks..!!

Looking forward to another productive week planting field beans, garlic, more wood chipping and root washing station DIY.

Tap here to watch….

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