Lockdown Vlog #7

The Essex Allotment – My weekly allotment diary. Week Number 7 – The weeks are flying by and we are in the heart of the growing season in Essex! This week I planted cucumbers, chillis and squash, to name a few!Tomato leaf curl seems to be the topic of the week! No idea what causesContinue reading “Lockdown Vlog #7”

The Essex Allotment Debut: First Season With a Polytunnel

On September 23rd, I opened my biggest (and only, come to think of it) birthday gift from my parents. It was exactly what every thirty-something man dreams of receiving for his birthday… A 2×6 polytunnel! For those unfamiliar with the agricultural world, a polytunnel is a little like a transportable conservatory. A dual purpose rainmac-cum-visorContinue reading “The Essex Allotment Debut: First Season With a Polytunnel”